Breath of the Soul, The: Reflections on Prayer

Breath of the Soul, The: Reflections on Prayer
by Chittister, Joan
ISBN: 9781585957477
Pages: 144
Publisher: Twenty-Third Publications/Bayard
Year Published: 2009

This simple little book from a great spiritual giant attends to what we human beings are most inclined to forget: preparing for and engaging in prayer. It is an examination of what we ourselves must bring to the discipline of prayer—whatever form it takes—in order to make prayer authentic and real, a deep and profound part of our lives. None of the brief reflections in this book are ever finished, ever closed, ever fulled resolved. They are all ongoing steps along the way, steps we retrace over and over again as we do all the other parts of life, until they become the very breath we breathe, the vision and energy of our souls.

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