80/10/10 Diet, The: Balancing Your Health, Your Weight, and Your

80/10/10 Diet, The: Balancing Your Health, Your Weight, and Your
by Graham, Doug
ISBN: 1893831248
Pages: 348
Publisher: FoodnSport Press
Year Published: 2006

What's so special about The 80/10/10 Diet? Dr. Doug Graham has taken the increasingly popular and tremendously successful low-fat, plant-based diet and turbo charged it for unprecedented, off-the-charts results. Eclipsing even the astounding benefits so well documented by renowned world-class vegan health professionals who also advocate low-fat eating , Dr. Graham?s plan is the first to present a low-fat diet and lifestyle program based exclusively around whole, fresh, uncooked fruits and vegetables. From effortless body weight management to unprecedented vibrant health and disease reversal to blockbuster athletic performance, The 80/10/10 Diet delivers in ways no other plan can even hope to match. The 80/10/10 Diet brings raw food to the mainstream like no book has ever done before. The concept is straightforward: in order to achieve optimum health, humans must lower the percentage of fat in their diets. And raw-food enthusiasts, unfortunately, have a reputation for just the opposite. Consequently, respected doctors like John McDougall and Andrew Weil, while noting the undisputed benefits of consuming raw fruits and vegetables, steer people away from an exclusively raw diet. They (accurately) observe that raw-food aficionados tend to eat a tremendous amount of fat?more, in fact, than the amount consumed by people who eat standard American junk-food diets! The popular nut-and-seed-based entrees; oily, avocado-heavy salads; and coconut/nut-laden desserts served at nearly every raw restaurant, festival, and social gathering bear testimony to this regrettabale fact. Health-savvy individuals readily recognize the shortcomings of such a regimen and bolt in the other direction?relegating the burgeoning raw-food movement to the status of fad at best, and health destroyer at worst. Comprehensive in scope yet simple in implementation, the 80/10/10 approach makes good sense. Every element of the program is based in hard science, and every meal is delicious and appealing. Fresh, juicy fruit takes center stage in this symphony of simple taste sensations, and tender greens and nonsweet fruits like tomatoes are their sole accompaniments. Grains, legumes, supplements, superfoods, dehydrates, juices, stimulating condiments, and refined oils play no part in the 80/10/10 program, and the healthful fats in nuts, seeds, avocados, and coconuts are invited for rare guest appearances only. Essentially, The 80/10/10 Diet outlines a plan that derives a minimum of eighty percent of its calories from carbohydrates. All the best science points to this key dietary concept, yet no approach has taken the low-fat vegan plan to its rightful heights, because they all rely upon the consumption of cooked, complex carbohydrates as their primary calorie source. Starches and grains are bland foods, so inevitably we end up compromising their potential health value by amending them with fat, refined or chemical sweeteners, and salt. Dr. Graham bypasses the entire problem by using the simple carbohydrates in fruits as the main staple of his program. Once the commonly held misconceptions about fruit are laid to rest, which Dr. Graham accomplishes with aplomb, The 80/10/10 Diet has the potential to bring more people to the vegetarian movement than any book ever written. Why Simply because it converts dessert into the main course, offering people the chance to eat as much healthful sweet food as they could ever care for. It offers a diet not of fast food, but of instantaneous food. In stark contrast to the laborious effort required to prepare most raw-food concoctions, 80/10/10 fare wins the simplicity award, hands-down. Sure, readers are wary when they open the book, for widespread fruit-phobia abounds, and the maladies and shortcomings misattributed to fruit are legion, even among health professionals who should ?know better. In a caring and thoughtful fashion, Dr. Graham systematically eradicates every common fear, argument, and supposition about eating sweet, delicious fruit. Concerns about blood sugar, glycemic index, candida, cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue, protein, tooth decay, weight control, digestion, triglycerides, and many other topics are handled in depth, with precision and clarity. Says Graham, All I did is create a synthesized version of the world?s most respected health science, and present the obvious outcome. The 80/10/10 diet is without a doubt the healthiest, most nutritious, and most satisfying way of eating, as it is the diet for which our species is anatomically, physiologically, emotionally, and philosophically designed. Dr. Graham cites statistics and research from the fields of nutritional science, sports physiology, and medicine, and he makes copious use of real testimonials in order to prove his points: Sweet, juicy fruit is Nature?s most perfect food for humans. The low-fat, raw vegan diet is richly rewarding and completely satisfying. Written in a no-nonsense style and constructed so that even totally new concepts flow smoothly from one to the next, The 80/10/10 Diet makes for effortless and intriguing reading. Dr. Graham obviously did his homework and presents a sound, compelling argument for trying his approach. * He spent over five years researching and creating this book, after devoting more than fifteen years to following the diet about which he writes. * He helped thousands of guests in the ?80s and ?90s at his South Florida health retreat to achieve phenomenal reversals of every manner of disease on the 80/10/10 plan. * He shines as a living example of what is possible on his program, having experienced uninterrupted and superb health without so much as a head cold or a missed work day since 1980. Time and again, he astonishes young athletes (often less than half his fifty-four years of age) by outperforming them in speed, strength, endurance, agility, balance, and many other aspects of physical fitness. * He has coached both amateur and elite professional athletes from around the world to unforeseen personal records on the program.

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